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"We can’t thank Brandon and his entire crew enough for a job well done on our new dock. After 29 years our families first Custom Dock, a simple platform dock with a 40’ catwalk was due for an upgrade and we couldn’t be any happier with its replacement. There is a reason why Customs' wait list is so long but the product they deliver is well worth the wait compared to their competitors product and overall excellent customer service. We look forward to many more enjoyable years enjoying beautiful Lake Hartwell!"

John, Anderson, SC

"I wanted to thank you for delivering such a well built dock, I was truly impressed with the way you guys designed the overall structure! Your guys were fantastic for the record. They took time to blow off the shavings from drilling and cutting, they took a pocket knife and cleaned debris from the individual cracks between the deck boards, then they washed and scrubbed any mud from the decks. They noticed that the wind had moved the spud poles by the time they were done, so they took time to lift the poles, reset the dock position, and then used ratchet straps to make sure the poles were well set before they left. They did all that after a long cold windy day building a dock and never once appeared to be in a hurry to get out and get home. I wanted to make sure you to knew how great your crew is in the field. I wish I could find employees half that attentive to customer satisfaction! I couldn't have been more impressed with the product or installation, you guys are a real class act start to finish!."

Randy, Anderson, SC

"I wanted to let you know that the dock your crew installed yesterday looks fantastic. The crew did an excellent job and were very skilled and professional. In 2017, I expect I will be contacting you about a lift, contacts for electrical work, and/or to purchase a swing or dock box."

Dave, Lake Keowee

"The team finished up and I am extremely impressed. From working with on a design that fit our limits and needs, to the advice on materials, to the solid construction, to the professional crew and impressive clean-up job, this has been a class act on your part. Thank you for everything, and please feel free to use any pictures on your website, and give my name out as a reference to new customers."

S. Bowden, Greenville, SC

"The dock looks wonderful and your team worked together as if they were one. Was a pleasure to see their craftsmanship under the harsh conditions of blazing sun and rain. Will recommend your company to anyone that asks! Keep smilin'."

Tom, Lake Keowee

"Don, Brandon and the entire staff were wonderful to work with and made suggestions for our dock. We have had many compliments on it, with requests to take pictures of it. They did everything they said they would do and on time. The guys that installed it were also very good and professional. They have a company to be proud of."

Charles, Lake Keowee

"As new boat dock owners, Don and Brandon, were very helpful and patient in educating us on different options. We were able to see their manufacturing facility along with docks in various stages of assembly. Don and Brandon made the process of purchasing a new dock and removing our old swimming platform easy even though we lived out of state. They delivered as promised and were very customer service driven. We have no hesitation in recommending Custom Dock Systems."

MM & LM, Lake Keowee

"Enclosed is payment of the balance due on my dock. With major remodeling in progress at my house, I am writing a lot of checks lately. This is one I really don't mind writing. I would like to compliment Amanda on her excellent communications throughout the process and Brandon and his team for delivering exactly what they said they would. Everything went smoothly and I can understand why your business is highly regarded for both quality and customer service. Thank you!"

Judie Schneider, Lake Hartwell

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note with this final payment for our new dock. We are extremely pleased with our new dock, and I wanted to let you know that Brandon and the crew did a magnificent job of installing it, and taking care of the little details and concerns that we had. It really looks great behind our house, and adds the final touches to our new pier and seawall, making the back of our home look really new. I am excited to show off our new addition to our friends, and I wanted to let you know that you are welcome to have potential customers contact us for reference, and even to see our dock if desired. Thank you again to your whole team for the great job, and I wish you continued good luck and success in the future.""

Charlie and Jan, Lake Keowee

""I am writing to express my appreciation for the work that your company, Custom Dock Systems, Inc., has done at the Clemson University Outdoor Lab over the years. For the past twenty years you have built, maintained or improved our docks and our waterfront. Your ability to help us adapt our structures to the needs of our children and adults with disabilities has improved life for many people. In addition to your dock and ramp work, our custom built hay wagon that you constructed has brought joy to hundreds and hundreds of campers. The quality of the things you build and the integrity of your business practices makes Custom Dock Systems #1 in our book. It’s obvious to me and to our property staff that customer care and satisfaction is the primary goal in all that you do."

Norman A. McGee Jr., Lake Hartwell

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did on the marina. Everyone is very happy with our new marina and all comment on the great job you did. You build a first class dock with excellent customer service. Thanks again for your professionalism."

Johnny, Puckett's Ferry Marina